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The Governors' Podcast - Training for Governors - On Demand Show available on all podcast apps and platforms - Sharon Warmington and Olivia D Hinds
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Open, honest and transparent discussions about Governance in the UK Education Sector (including International British Schools). This podcast is hosted by school governors, for school governors - whether you are new, experienced or the future - sharing and providing insight into the realities of sitting around the table and leaning in.
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Governors Training Resource - The Governors Podcast - National Black Governors Network - NBGN - Sharon Warmington and Olivia D Hinds
The Governors' Podcast releases new episodes on Wednesdays at 7am during term time (approx. 2-3 per month). The Governors' Podcast defines its 'Seasons' by UK academic years (September to July) and the episodes are called ‘Agenda Items’.
The National Black Governors Networks offers resources to our associates who would like to better understand and navigate School Governance.