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overview of the national black governors network

The National Black Governors Network, most commonly referred to as NBGN, was founded in 2017, as a result of the increasing lack of Black individuals being represented at a strategic level in schools across the UK. Following the 2020 racial unrest across the globe, it became clear that leaving matters to the mainstream governance organisations to make a difference, was just not making the much needed change possible. Now is the time for NBGN to step out of the shadows and be the leading organisation representing Black people seeking to become Trustees and Governors across all levels of the education and wider third sector.
National Black Governors Network - NBGN - Black professionals to become school governors

Our Motto

“We bridge the gap between race and governance across the education sector"

Our Logo

Our logo is a West African Adinkra symbol known as Funtunfunefu-Denkyemfunefu or the "Siamese Crocodiles". It is the symbol of democracy and unity.


National Black Governors Network - NBGN - Foundation Purpose and Journey
In 2017 Education Governance Solutions, led by Sharon Warmington approached several organisations to challenge the lack of diversity in relation to Black people on governing bodies and Trust Boards. As very few organisations collect the data at the point of contact/application in relation to race, these organisations were unable to meet the increasing demand from schools for Black representation. NBGN was therefore formed and it works with schools and local authorities to provide a 'matching' service and training in how to recruit and retain Black Governors and Trustees.
It is our aim to become a progressive and representative organisation that meets the needs and expectations of its Members and the aspirations of the organisations it works with.
NBGN design and deliver training sessions specifically focused on cultural literacy for schools and governance organisations. For our Members, we provide one-to-one and group support for prospective and existing Black Governors in terms of navigating the landscape in relation to influencing the education of our children.

Our Mission

Using our difference to make a difference.

It is our mission to lead the way for systemic and continued change resulting in true and long lasting diversity across every area of the education sector.

National Black Governors Network - NBGN - Black professionals making a difference
National Black Governors Network - NBGN - Black professionals - Educational Leadership

Our Vision

Be the leader of change in Educational Leadership.

It is our vision to ensure that every school has a fully trained, supported and racially diverse Governing Body and/or Trust Board that reflects the students it serves. 

Our Services

Support for our Members
Being newly appointed and dealing with cultural challenges in a Boardroom traditionally filled with White people isn't always comfortable, no matter how this is perceived and therefore, NBGN work with its members to support them in these situations.
This is done through specific and regular training and professional development sessions to navigate this landscape, whilst ensuring they continue in their Governor role.
Support for Schools
Recruiting and retaining Black Governors isn't straightforward and NBGN work directly with schools to bridge the gap.
This is done through training and a matching service to meet the specific skill needs of the Governing Body.
NBGN also deliver standard Governor training with a culture literacy focus to aid in understanding and inclusion.
NBGN is a company limited by guarantee and receives no funding support. Our services are free to our members to remove any barrier to access.
All current income is generated through paid training and development sessions and any organisation wishing to support NBGN's activities should get in touch via our email - info@nbgn.co.uk