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How to recruit and retain black governors for your school


During July and September 2020, NBGN will be running webinars for schools and other governor services. These sessions will cover the fundamentals of how to recruit and retain Black Governors to avoid tokenism and tick boxes.


CLICK HERE to register for one of the webinars, where you will hear from current Black Governors about their experiences, and be able to have an open and honest exchange with NBGN about any fears or concerns you may have in approaching representatives from Black communities.


The 1½ hour session (availability on 15th July or 3rd September 2020) will suspend political correctness and allow you to ask the questions you may not always be comfortable asking in other situations.


It’s time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable to ensure change can take place in individual mindsets, as well as around the Governing Body table.


NBGN has 100s of Black Professionals, interested in joining schools across the UK.

NBGN | About Us

The National Black Governors Network (NBGN) was created in 2017 by experienced Governors from the Black Community, who were in essence simply tired of being ‘the only Black in the room’! Governing Bodies across the 30,000 plus schools in the UK consist of predominantly 95% White-British people who themselves are beginning to ask the question - WHY?!

MEMBERSHIP At NBGN, our membership is for Black African and Black Caribbean heritage individuals from all walks of life, who are keen to be appointed at a strategic level in UK schools; to bring their difference, to make a difference in the education of all children.

FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITYWe provide an opportunity for you as a Black individual or community group, to make your voice heard, and identify suitable governor vacancies in your local schools. This includes training and development to prepare you for the application process and supporting your ongoing development.

FOR SCHOOLSNBGN offers the ability to clearly identify, and where possible match individuals, with the skill set required to add value to your Governing Bodies and Trust Boards.

Our logo is a Ghanian, Adinkra Symbol known as the Funtunfunefu Denkyemfunefu or Siamese Crocodiles and is a symbol of Democracy and Unity.

NBGN | How to Recruit and Retain Black Governors - July 2020

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