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NBGN was founded in 2017, as a result of the increasing lack of Black individuals being represented at a strategic level in schools across the UK. Following the 2020 racial unrest across the globe, it became clear that leaving matters to the mainstream governance organisations to make a difference, was just not making the much needed change possible. Now is the time for NBGN to step out of the shadows and be the leading organisation representing Black people seeking to become Trustees and Governors across all levels of the education and wider third sector.

We have a FREE webinar for prospective Black governors. Please click below to sign up and view.
How to Become a School Governor to increase diversity of race and age across UK schools - National Black Governors Network (NBGN) - Free Webinar - 2021
We have a webinar for schools and organisations. Please click below to sign up and view.
How to Diversify Governance and Leadership in UK schools - National Black Governors Network (NBGN) - Webinar - 2021


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